Hamtramck High School Students are as Unique as their City

YAN – Hamtramck

Hamtramck High School houses many diverse students who are finding ways to be successful in and outside of the classroom. These following three students are examples of not using any excuses and taking advantage of an opportunity when it was given to them.


Thair Mohamed

Thair Mohamed came to the United States when he was five years old. His father and grandfather worked very hard to bring his family over to the U.S. from Yeman.  Thair has been in Hamtramck Public Schools since Kindergarten. Thair worked as a student intern for the City of Hamtramck in 2018 and created an extended professional network through a variety of volunteer work and academic clubs throughout his high school career.  Thair was President of the Robotics team and was heavily involved in Student Council as well.  He enjoyed Drama club and also became involved in L.E.A.P. in his Junior year. He founded the first ever Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Hamtramck High School and the club is open to both Muslim and Non-Muslim student members. MSA works help bring cultural understanding of Islam, welcomes all students and works to resist prejudice and Islamophobia and create a community of support. “I came to talk at one of the Jewish centers about why I started MSA, it was during the Christ Church shootings, we just need to become one and fight the hate.” Thair was a member of DECA, which went to the State Championships in 2017 and received the 2017 General Motors student internship which works with local community on a variety of projects. Thair hopes to work over the summer as student supervisor for the City of Hamtramck and plans to attend Wayne State University in the Fall of 2019 to study Dentistry.


Basem Ali

Basem Ali is a hardworking and successful student. He is very athletic and enjoys helping other students and teachers. He is a kind and attentive student and completed all of his assignments with hardworking diligence.  Basem enjoys playing soccer with his good friends and volunteers to help his teachers.  He plans to attend Wayne Community College and then transfer to Wayne State University and would like to pursue nursing or medicine. Basem has played on the Hamtramck High School Soccer team for three years. They won the Michigan Metro Athletic Conference in both 2018 and 2019 seasons.  Hamtramck Public Schools Athletic Director Brian Anderson had some kind words to say about Basem. Anderson said, “Basem was a model student athlete for us. As fun as he was to watch on the soccer field, it was equally fun to see his excellence in the classroom as well as the type of person he was to everyone that’s around him.” Anderson later added that, “Basem was a kid that could compete on just about every team or level there was in the state. His competitive nature and work ethic will also serve him incredibly well in whatever avenue he chooses in his professional life. “

Basem has volunteered for National Arab Volunteer Day that takes place in Dearborn, Michigan. National Arab Volunteer Day is a day which volunteers clean the local parks and community and help support the environment. Basem loved all of his classes, but especially enjoyed accounting and English. He plans to work over the summer and looks forward to attending Wayne Community College in the Fall of 2019.


Nebaha Jawany

Nebaha came to the United States with her family in the fourth grade. Her dad brought the family to the U.S. for a better life and opportunity. “It was hard to come here at first. I was the only one (student) that didn’t speak English in class and only one friend spoke Arabic; that was important to me.”  In fifth grade, Nebaha became more comfortable learning English as a second language and more comfortable in her class. Nebaha always sets goals for herself and accomplishes her goals in order to succeed. Nebaha loves to draw because art “has no language and it communicates how everyone feels.”  She also enjoys reading and says “the world would be more peaceful if people read because it would make them more aware.”  Nebaha was President of the National Honor Society, and also participated in Link Crew and the Princess Project.  She received the Gold Award Scholarship from Wayne State and plans to attend there in the Fall of 2019. She plans to study in a field that would benefit others and may choose a career that can help inspire others, such as public or motivational speaking.  Nebaha is very community oriented and loves to help others.  She volunteered for the Labor Day Festival and her N.H.S. experience taught her what it was like to be in the public and serve different people from different backgrounds. She also substituted in Arabic school to help support the young children. Over the summer, Nebaha plans to volunteer in the nursing home or foster home to get a better ideal of her future career plans. She is excited to be a Wayne State Warrior and may also pursue medicine in the future. Whatever her plans, she will continue to be a tremendous support to the community.