Rashid Abdu, M.D.

Convid-19, a virus no one had seen, conquered the world, and brought the rich and paupers to their knees. All arsenals in the world: bombs, missiles, guns, chemicals, and even bows and arrows, became obsolete.  The poor, the old, and the weak, perished, but the rich and strong, continue to create a new Darwinian world, when only the fittest survive.


Churches closed, and so did the synagogues and mosques– and all the temples around the world remained empty.   The great open Muslim holiest mosque, in Mecca, with thousands milling around the Kaaba,  day and night, and more than a million during the annual pilgrimage,  asking for mercy, now is empty.  The Kaaba, standing in its center, draped in black, asking:  Oh God,  why has thou  forsaken me?


Worshipers all over the world, drive,   or walk around their locked-up sanctuaries, wondering when will all this be over.

Streets, of otherwise busy cities, are empty, with few cars here and there, and no sound of airplanes.  The sky is clean and blue, but few are out to see the beautiful sky and smell the clean air. Stores and restaurants, are closed, or boarded, except for occasional open window for the takeout meals.

People wondering when will this end, if in fact, whether there is an end.


The oracles of Delphi give vague predictions, and  the sorcerers read the tea leaves,  as the fortune tellers  look at their  crystal balls , give us false hopes, and  constantly change their predictions.


However, the wise men and women, and the scientists,  simply say: I don’t know.  And by knowing that they don’t know, leaves their minds open, and  by using facts and numbers, they try to arrive at the truth  and find the answers. Socrates once said: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is I know nothing”.  Meanwhile, the Corona, with its crown of thorns, moves on, and the desperate  millions all around the world, cry for a miracle.


The Universal God dictates that I keep a distance from other humans, and wear a mask, not so much for my own protection, but for protecting others from me, so that we both may live–     the essence of all religions.  So, let us all kneel at the altar of this Universal God, and pray for a new dawn, and a better tomorrow.