Wayne County Coronavirus Update – May 17.

The Michigan Department of Health reported eleven deaths related to COVID-19 Complications today, bringing the daily death toll to its lowest since March of earlier this year. Many public health experts argue that the death toll is the most important figure that needs to be lowered in order to measure a proper flattening of the pandemic curve.

Over the weekend, some states surrounding Michigan reopened, calling for concern about whether people will flock to places like Ohio. The issue with going to a state that’s reopened before coming back to a person’s home state is that they risk spreading the virus either in the state they’re visiting, or in their home state.

Michigan has reported a total of 51,142 cases of COVID-19. The state of Michigan also has seen 4,891 deaths related to COVID-19 complications. Wayne County reports 51 new cases of COVID-19. The total number of COVID-19 cases for Wayne County is 19,210.