Wayne County Coronavirus Update – Apr. 8.

According to a Poll published by CNN, the majority of Americans who responded do not approve of the Presidents performance in preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. This is the opposite of what was true a week ago after eight percent of people changed their mind.

A Michigan Lawmaker who tested positive for COVID-19 reports that the prescription of controversial hydroxychloroquine has saved her life. The drug was prescribed to her, along with antibiotics, by president of the Michigan State Medical Society, Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala. Dr. Arsiwala said that he wouldn’t prescribe the treatment for every patient.

Sources close to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have said that she will likely announce an extended Stay at Home order tomorrow. The original order was set to expire Apr. 13. So far, there is no set timeline for the new order.

After discovering that the COVID-19 illness is harshest in minority communities, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has begun to release extensive data, including statistics on age, gender, and race in order to better focus on the most vulnerable communities.

General Motors is set to supply 30,000 ventilators to a National stockpile for the price of $490 million.

Michigan has reported a total of 20,346 cases of COVID-19. The state of Michigan also has seen 959 deaths related to COVID-19 complications. Wayne County reports 557 new cases of COVID-19 with 416 deaths. The total number of COVID-19 cases for Wayne County is 9,567.