Senator Peters meets with Yemeni American leaders to discuss recent Executive Orders

The Yemeni American News – Dearborn


With all the chaos accompanying the latest Executive Order by the new US President on immigration banning seven Middle Eastern nationalities including Yemeni nationals from entering the country, Senator Gary Peters of Michigan met with leaders of the Yemeni American community in Dearborn. In a meeting held at the National Association of Yemeni American (NAYA) office, Senator Peters listened to concerns brought by the attendees toward the executive order. Senator Peters said he’s saddened by the order which “institutes a religious test and that is against American values”.

In describing the Yemeni American community, Senator Peters said “These proud, patriotic Americans have lived much of their lives in the United States, a country they love deeply. I was saddened to hear that so many of our friends and neighbors are fearful of what this order might mean for their community and for Muslim Americans across the nation.”

Senator Peters has issued a statement along with Senator Stabenow opposing the ban on Muslims from entering the United States and vowed to fight it in Congress.