Dearborn Continues to Come Together in Fight Against COVID-19 Crisis

Henry Ford College, the American Moslem Society, and what’s close to the entire Yemeni Community of Dearborn have all rallied in support for the frontline workers of the COVID-19 Crisis.

Henry Ford College, a 13,000 student-strong public college, has donated thousands of life-saving equipment. Since a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) has made work in the most crowded Detroit-area hospitals difficult, many institutions of the Dearborn community have stepped up to the challenge.

In its latest installment of donations, HFC sent hand sanitizer, surgical masks, almost 300 boxes of glove, and four boxes of lab coats to the Beaumont Health System.

“Hospitals go through thousands of masks, gloves and gowns every day,” said a Press Release Published by Henry Ford College. “Shortages are becoming extreme, and hospitals are relying, in part, on donations from private and public entities to keep staff and patients safe.”

The STEM Department of Henry Ford College was the latest department to provide PPE to hospitals. In March, the School of Health and Human Services donated ventilators and other supplies to area hospitals.

“STEM is honored to join the School of HHS and the many other institutions across the country who are supporting these necessary relief efforts,” said Janice Glliland, Dean of the HFC School of STEM.

The American Moslem Society also donated 500 masks to Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. The shipment of masks was brought to Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Dave Peters, who thanked the American Moslem Society for the donation.

AMS is a community initiative that provides programs and services for needy families, along with supporting the efforts of good people in the area who are trying to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a press release published by the group.

“This initiative is only a small thanks compared to the hard work of the medical professionals at Beaumont Hospital who are in the trenches daily combating the virus,” said Khalid Al-Wagdi, Vice-President of the American Moslem Society.

In many efforts to support the community and the workers fighting the virus, it’s the region’s Yemeni Community that has been taking one of the most important roles. However, Dearborn is a city with many communities that are all working together to help everyone during this crisis.

The whole Yemeni Organization and activists worked to provide essentials to the Southend community of Dearborn, along with Hamtramck. In a combined effort with officers from the Dearborn Police Department, volunteers emptied a bus loaded with supplies that were given to people from their cars.

“The entire Yemeni community came out to help those in need during this pandemic,” said Police Chief of Dearborn Ronald Haddad. “Relentless spirit to fight all offs to serve the common good – Priceless.”