Are you ready for some Foot Pool?

By Omar Thabet

Do you love to play soccer?

Do you love to play pool?

If your answer was yes to either of the two questions, then you’re going to love the game of foot pool.

There will eight foot pool tables in all at The Gamer’s Gallery. Six of the foot pool tables will be located in the main room.


For those who don’t know, foot pool is a combination of pool and soccer on an over-sized pool table that’s securely mounted to the floor. It’s like your playing a game of 9 ball; you have a Q-ball 8 ball and 4 balls a piece for each player.  Instead of using a pool stick to knock the balls in the net, you’ll be using your feet and you’ll be kicking the balls in there.

This game can be played one on one or two on two. In foot pool, the first team to knock in their four balls plus the 8-ball wins.

The game of foot pool has been played at places outside of the United States, such as the United Kingdom. All thanks to a coupe of savvy business owners, the game of foot pool will now be coming to Hamtramck.

Aaron Brock, and his wife Ashlee Brock, are co-owners of Randy’s Barbershop, which is located on 11527 Jos. Campau Street, Hamtramck, Michigan; right next door to Infinity Drugs Pharmacy.

When asked what made them come up with the foot pool idea, Mr. Brock said, “Just searching the net. The original plan was to occupy the space by having Nerf gun fights and the life size soccer balls that run into each other. Once we found out what foot pool was, we thought it looked a lot more exciting.”

Mr. Brock later mentioned that it wasn’t his idea; it was actually his wife Ashlee’s idea to come up with this new game.

When we asked Ashlee what made foot pool so unique, Mrs. Brock said, “Foot Pool is unique because it combines the game of pool and soccer all in one; so you can play your favorite sport and play a game of pool all at the same time.”

The name of their new business will be called The Gamer’s Gallery.

At The Gamers Gallery, foosball tables, air hockey, karaoke, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, darts and board games will also be available next to the foot pool tables. Pricing for each game has yet to be determined.

Mrs. Brock later mentioned that the goal for The Gamer’s Gallery is to “Create a unique interactive gaming experience for friends and families in the neighborhood. Creating The Gamer’s Gallery was important to us to create something special for the community that my husband and I were both raised in. We wanted to create a fun place for family, friends and co-workers where they can interact and enjoy each other’s company. “

Mr. Brock agreed with his wife by saying that the goal for The Gamer’s Gallery was to give people from around here a convenient way to enjoy some entertainment.

“I have kids, and anytime they want to have some fun we would have to travel 15-20 minutes away from here…and that’s crazy,” Mr. Brock said. “I’m from Hamtramck and I’m proud of it, so why not invite people to my city and show them our attractions.”

The Gamer’s Gallery will be located at 3901 Christopher Street, Hamtramck, Michigan. For those familiar with the area, it will be on top of the building that houses the Fowling House.

The Gamer’s Gallery will open sometime this month, with hopes of having its opening day on August 26th.