Store Supplier Donates Entire Stock of 11,000 Gloves for COVID-19 Response.

Adel Beidoun is a business owner. He buys and sells commodities to grocery stores and gas stations. The products are something that he can make thousands of dollars on. But there’s one thing he’s not willing to sell. Not at the moment. Still, it’s the most in-demand product there is.

Beidoun says he could’ve made thousands of dollars in profit if he would’ve sold his stock of plastic gloves. Instead, he donated his stock of around 11,000 gloves to the people working on the front lines of the crisis.

“It’s because I’m watching the news all the time,” Beidoun said. “I’m staying home and I’m watching all the hospitals. Everybody’s at a shortage on material. So I figured, you know what, I hate this. I’m not working. I could sell the gloves if I want. But I did this to be generous. For my kids and for the people.”

Adel says he donated the gloves to the local hospitals around Detroit, Dearborn and Garden City. Most hospitals across the country have been suffering from a mass shortage of desperately needed medical supplies.

Beidoun also donated a large portion of the gloves to Chief Haddad of Dearborn, since police officers are expected to continue their work with the general public during this crisis.

Supplies like gloves and masks are essential because they can prevent the spread of COVID-19 within hospitals. But they shouldn’t be reused among different patients, since the virus can infect someone from the gloves of another COVID-19 Patient.

Many hospitals are reporting that gloves and masks have been sanitized and reused. And even though this may reduce the risk of infection, there’s still doubt over whether this is the most effective way of eliminating the risk.

Adel Beidoun donated his entire supply of 11,000 gloves to local hospitals and law enforcement.


Donations like Beidoun’s can go a long way in preventing infection among Healthcare workers and other patients. Since becoming a designated “hotspot” for COVID-19, the state of Michigan’s healthcare system has been vastly overwhelmed. Many municipalities have been forced to come up with other facilities that will be able to treat the surge of COVID-19 cases.

The Coronavirus outbreak in Michigan has been a trying time for many medical workers. Beidoun says he’s doing this for all the workers on the front lines of the crisis.

“We did this for the people who are on the front line [of the Coronavirus Pandemic.],” Beidoun said.  “The doctors, the nurses. Because they’re doing this for us. I pray for everybody. And I wish I could do more, you know. I like to help.”