Welcoming Hamtramck Families Our Schools, Our Community, Our Future

The poverty status in Hamtramck City is higher than the national average with about 50% of the population living in poverty. Immigrants from Yemen and Bangladesh make up a part of the 21,985 population. The school district, Hamtramck Public Schools, has over 80% English learners so creative ways to bring services to the families and community members is essential.

By Jaleelah Hassan Ahmed Hamtramck
The Yemeni American News

Hamtramck Public Schools is committed to serving the community. Superintendent Mr. Thomas Niczay values the diversity and seeks ways to support the community in a variety of events.

The 2nd Annual Welcoming Hamtramck Families Event took place on July 31st bringing many organizations to the families. The Michigan PTA, Wayne Metro, Michigan Alliance, ICNA Muslim Services, Bangladeshi American Public Affairs Committee, Detroit Friendship House, Children’s Hospital Center Based Clinic provided information to the community and connected with various families. University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Phi Delta Epsilon members seeking to become doctors volunteered their time to assist the doctors. Additionally, Trinity Transportation and Hamtramck Public Schools’ Personnel Department were present to offer job opportunities and provide on-site application.

Among the organizations, Children’s Hospital’s Pediatricians Educating and Advocating for Community (PEACH), led by Dr. Ariff Moolla provided health screenings. One of the doctors who was present at the event, Dr. Tess Woehrlen shared, “Pediatrics is unique in that we get to participate in care of the whole family. At the event, we were able to do just that! We provided glucose and nutrition screenings as well as blood pressure checks to parents while their children had the opportunity to practice giving shots and placing bandages on teddy bears at the “Teddy Bear Clinic.” It gives us and Children’s Hospital of Michigan great pride to connect with children and families beyond the hospital in a community setting and we hope events like these demystify going to the doctor.”

Immigrant families met with Mrs. Jaleelah Ahmed with issues that ranged from a lack of food, a need to access health care, and academic needs for both parents and children. Immediately after they met with Mrs. Ahmed, Mrs. Rasmia Alnajar, Parent Engagement Liaison at HPS, connected the families with the organizations at the event. Hamtramck Public School’s administration team and teachers were present at the Welcoming Hamtramck Families Event; they shared the school’s points of pride, distributed informational materials to the families, and engaged in conversations with parents.

Under one roof, community members, non-profit organizations, businesses and educators with one purpose to serve the community. “The goal of Hamtramck Public Schools is to understand the needs of our community members, bring organizations, community members and educators together to meet the community needs as we work collaboratively to support and empower the community. We are fortunate that our board members, superintendent and the educators in our district are working together to establish long term partnerships that are sustained, said Mrs. Ahmed.

With over 150 community members attending the event, Mr. Niczay stated that, “The event was EXCELLENT. The commitment to the HPS was on display. The commitment is ongoing. Very proud of the HPS staff and the leadership of Mrs. Ahmed”.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Ahmed, (313) 892-2025.