The Rise of Virtual Learning in Hamtramck Public Schools


By: Yemeni American News

In recent years, the landscape of education has undergone a transformation, propelled by technological advancements and changing patterns of learning. 

One of the most significant developments in this evolution is the rise of virtual learning in schools. As traditional classrooms give way to online platforms and digital interfaces, educators, students, and parents are navigating a new frontier of education that is reshaping the way knowledge is taught and acquired.

Virtual learning, also known as online learning or e-learning, refers to the delivery of educational content and instruction through digital technologies. This mode of learning transcends the physical boundaries of a traditional classroom, allowing students to access course materials, interact with teachers, and collaborate with peers from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The flexibility and convenience offered by virtual learning have made it a popular choice for a diverse range of learners, from K-12 students to adult learners seeking professional development.

At Hamtramck Public Schools, virtual learning is offered for students who are in the 4th-12th grade.

Dennis Bargowski, who is a virtual learning science teacher for Hamtramck Public Schools, says virtual learning is “a great alternative for students who struggle to get to school, or for students who have trouble socializing.”

Laurie Cawley, who is a virtual learning social studies teacher for Hamtramck Public Schools, said, “The world is becoming more digital. It’s time that the education system adapted to this. It’s a whole different platform. It’s a way to reach kids like we never have been able to before.”

Cawley later added, “It’s a whole new way to look at education. A whole new way to attack education and get it to the students. This is another avenue for them to earn a high school diploma for students who didn’t want to attend high school.”


Virtual Learning Flexibility

One of the key advantages of virtual learning is its flexibility. Students have the freedom to learn at their own pace, accessing course materials and completing assignments at times that best suit their schedules. This nature of virtual learning accommodates diverse learning styles and preferences, allowing students to take ownership of their learning and tailor their educational experience to meet their individual needs.

Todd Huddleston, who is a virtual learning English teacher for Hamtramck Public Schools, talked about how a lot of his students work while they attend high school.

“If one of our students are working, there’s options that they can still get a good education,” Mr.  Huddleston said.  “Virtual learning really targets the two center ideas we work with: which is the families and the students.”

Jill Jenkins, who is a virtual learning elementary school teacher/middle school social studies teacher for Hamtramck Public Schools, talked about how teachers are more flexible as well through virtual learning. 

“We are available to our students more than regular teachers,” Jenkins said. “We even respond back to them in the night time. We are very flexible. Sometimes students have a hard time at 7:00 at night and we tell them to jump on their computer right now so that we can assist them. Whereas, if we were in person, we probably wouldn’t be doing that for our students.”


Virtual Learning Safety

One of the main concerns for parents who sign their kids up for virtual learning is the safety of their kids. With the rise of criminal activity happening around schools throughout the United States, some parents feel more comfortable with their kid receiving their education from at home.

“We have a lot of concerns from parents when it comes to safety at the schools now and days,” Ms. Jenkins said. “So, I think it eases a lot of parents to know that they have this option if they don’t feel comfortable with sending a child to a school building.”


The Future of Virtual Learning 

Virtual learning has been around for a while now. It’s the popularity of online classes that has risen over the last few years due to covid.

Many colleges have offered virtual learning for over almost 20 years. Mr. Huddleston thinks taking part in virtual learning during high school gets students ready for college.

“Virtual learning is a great preparation for students who are thinking about entering into college,” Mr. Huddleston says. “A lot of college classes are offered virtually, so it’s a great way to start them off.”

No matter what your opinion is on virtual learning though, according to Mr. Bargowski, online classes are here to stay.

“Virtual schooling will be a part of tomorrow no matter what” Mr. Bargowski said. “One parent told me the other day that her daughter was fearful of school. Now that we have the virtual option, she loves school and she will be graduating this year. These are the students we serve at our virtual learning school.”

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