Wayne County Coronavirus Update – May 20.

The Ford Motor Company announced that they were forced to shut down to plants when workers tested positive for COVID-19. The plants were located in Chicago and Dearborn. Production stopped today, although production is expected to continue later tonight.

Michigan reports that 22.7% of workers were unemployed for the month of April. These figures, the Detroit News reports, are worse than was seen at the height of the Great Recession. According to the Michigan Department of Technology Management and Budget, 1,048,000 people in Michigan filed for unemployment in April.

The decision to mail absentee ballot applications was heavily scrutinized by President Donald Trump yesterday. The President threatened to revoke federal funding from the State of Michigan if the Secretary of State moved forward with the plan.

The Ford Fireworks, a tradition in Detroit every year, have moved to television in order to ensure that public viewers maintain distance during the display. Scheduled for Aug. 31, Hart Plaza and other public spaces will be closed during the display.

Michigan has reported a total of 53,009 cases of COVID-19. The state of Michigan also has seen 5,060 deaths related to COVID-19 complications. Wayne County reports 142 new cases of COVID-19. The total number of COVID-19 cases for Wayne County is 19,566.