Vote YES to renew Hamtramck school millage on August 8


The future of our community lies in our public schools.

Education is the key to prosperity and success, and the K-12 system shapes children’s entire life. 

So, we strongly urge our community in Hamtramck to vote “yes” to renew the Capital Improvement Sinking Fund Millage on August 8.

It must be stressed that renewing the millage would not increase property taxes. In fact, even with the renewal, taxes will go down. 

Re-approval of the millage would continue to provide much-needed resources to maintain school buildings and infrastructure. It is an investment in our community.

Do not listen to the cynical voices making unfounded pronouncements about bringing down taxes. 

Blocking the millage would not save residents’ money; it would take away that money from our own children.

The Sinking Fund has been used to make essential repairs on school buildings and making technological improvements for students. 

Parents do not want their sons and daughters to attend schools with leaky roofs, busted doors and pothole-ridden parking lots. Renewing the millage is an easy choice.

And it is not just about the physical infrastructure. The millage frees up resources for educational programs and the day-to-day operation of the district.

“The renewal of this Sinking Fund will enable Hamtramck students to learn and grow in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. It will protect the community’s investment in the school district’s buildings and facilities,” Hamtramck Schools said in a newsletter this month.

“By reducing pressure on the general fund, more of our limited education operating funds can be available to support student learning.”

This millage is necessary. Our educators and school leaders want it renewed. And they know better than some local politicians who are arguing otherwise.

Moreover, beyond education, adequately funding the school system benefits the city in its entirety, and it pays off. The quality of public schools is linked to home prices – for a good reason. And so, good schools add proverbial and literal value to the community.

From a Yemeni American perspective – while we care about the entire city – our own community is especially represented in the schools, from the student body to the school board to superintendent Jaleelah Ahmed.

Throughout American history, once-marginalized immigrant communities have grown and become more affluent and powerful over the years. Education is a key component of that process. 

Let us give our children the best education possible. Vote “YES” on the Capital Improvement Sinking Fund Millage renewal on August 8.