Taylor Favorite Malek Al-Kabob Headed to Dearborn


By Elizabeth Clark
The Yemeni American News

One of the most beloved Middle Eastern restaurants in the Metro Detroit area is expanding from its home base in Taylor.
Malek Al-Kabob will open a second location in Dearborn, in the heart of west downtown Dearborn, at 22065 Michigan Avenue, at the site of the former Post Bar.
The Dearborn establishment will be located next to the Dearborn Wig shop, doors down from Wagner Place, the brand new Ford Motor Company-sponsored development complex.
“A friend of mine, who has been a customer for 12 years, came to me and told me he had something for me,” said Mo Obeid, whose family owns Malek Al-Kabob.
Obeid went with his friend, and he liked the location, and he greenlit the project. “I jumped on it,” he said. “It’s really exciting in that area.”
Obeid says the look of the place will be “Middle Eastern modern,” and will incorporate fresh, contemporary looks in an elevated dining experience.
He also says, “We will still be serving the great food, but with a new image for Malek Al-Kabob. New logos, menus, new training, and new construction.”
Once the Dearborn location is up and running, Obeid says the Taylor location will get a face lift as well.
“Malek is one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants,” says longtime regular and Taylor resident Janie Salazar. “I had it twice this week!”
Customers rely on Malek Al-Kabob for its fresh, standard Middle Eastern fare. “Our food is really delicious,” says Obeid. “It is prepared by owners and the chefs with over 35 years of experience.”
Known for their shawarma sandwiches, garlic sauce, and well, kabobs, Malek Al-Kabob appeals to the masses.
“Their lentil soup is to die for!” said Salazar. “Their grilled chicken is always tender and their salads are always fresh.”
Malek Al-Kabob first opened in 2006 by founding chefs Abu-Fahd and Abu-Snan. They worked together in the kitchen for years before deciding to start their own venture.
The Obeids’ are hoping to be open in Dearborn by the end of the year.
Salazar works in Dearborn and is happy to know there will be a location close to her job as well as her home in Taylor. “I’m going to be in trouble!” she joked.
“Our food is made with love,” said Obeid. “We are happy to be in Dearborn.”
For more information and to sign up for alerts about the new location, visit https://www.malekalkabob.com/.