School Board Recognition Month: Superintendent lauds trustees


Dearborn Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko has praised the Board of Education during remarks during School Board Recognition Month.
“School Board Trustees dedicate a lot of time sharing their expertise to benefit the students and families of our district. They are very knowledgeable about the workings of our district and the latest issues impacting education,” Maleyko said at a board meeting on January 14.
“As superintendent, I truly appreciate the diversity of experience and professionalism our trustees bring to the table.”
School Board members in Dearborn develop policies and make tough decisions that help shape the future of instruction in the district. They bear responsibility for the third largest district in Michigan with an annual budget of more than $200 million, an enrollment of 21,000 students, and 2,600 employees working in 34 buildings.
In addition, Dearborn School Board trustees also serve as trustees for Henry Ford College. They are the only school board trustees in the state that also serve as trustees for a local college. This dual responsibility means trustees spend twice the amount of time dedicated to serving the community.
They evaluate both the superintendent and college president, attend twice the number of meetings, and must keep abreast of issues, laws, and legislation impacting both P-12 and the college.
“I’ve worked with all of these board members on important issues over the years including, just to name a few: changing high school boundary lines, looking at infrastructure needs, and implementing the strategic plan,” Maleyko said.
“We thank our board for their hard work, dedication and collaborative partnership.”
The board began the year with a brief organizational meeting to select new officers. Those appointments include Mary Petlichkoff as president, Hussein Berry as vice president and Jim Thorpe as treasurer.