Rising Star Student-Athlete of the Month: Mira Fayad


By: Omar Thabet – Yemeni American News

OZ Media/The Yemeni American News is proud to present July’s Rising Star Student-Athlete of the Month award to Mira Fayad out of Dearborn High School.

Mira is entering her senior year at Dearborn High. She is a multi-sport athlete; Mira played girls basketball, golf and soccer this past year for the Pioneers. Mira finished with a 4.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) during her junior year. It’s safe to say that Mira is taking care of her business on and off the court.

We asked Mira what was her initial reaction when she heard she was July’s Rising Star student-athlete of the month? “I was very surprised,” Mira said while having a big smile on her face.

“I was like ‘wow, that’s nice that I was given something after all of my hard work over these years’. I put in so much work into everything I do and it just finally got shown with you guys. I wasn’t expecting it at all so I really appreciated it.”

We don’t know why Mira would be surprised though, because as she mentioned earlier, she puts in 100% effort in everything that she does.

Jeff Conway, Athletic Director at Dearborn High, said, “Mira is not only an outstanding athlete but also an outstanding teammate and leader — very coachable and willing to accept her role without complaint and do whatever is necessary to support the team’s success. A true three-sport athlete in the era of specialization.”

Mira’s Soccer coach at Dearborn High, Antonio Ventura, said, “The thing I enjoy the most about Mira is she is a go-getter, she is always asking how she can improve.

Coach Ventura then added, “Mira is a very self-motivated player who always tries to improve her soccer skills and leadership skills.”

Parents Impact

Mira is a hard worker, she shows great leadership and plays multiple sports. So we had to ask her ‘who inspires her to be great every single day’? Her response was, “My parents.”

“They really push me to believe that the sky’s the limit,” Mira said.  “They really want me to always succeed and to get what I want.”

When we asked Mira’s mom, Maha Fayad, what makes her daughter such a great leader, she said, “Mira’s team player attitude is what makes her stand out.”

Maha then added, “Mira creates strong bonds with her teammates/friends and family members and connects well with others. Mira motivates and brings the best out of everyone she meets. Mira is a goal oriented young lady who works very hard to achieve them. Overall, her loyalty and commitment is what makes Mira stand out on and off the playing fields.”

We asked Mira’s dad, Ali Fayad, what was he most proud about Mira? Ali said, “I’m very proud of Mira’s positive attitude. She truly exemplifies a well-rounded student athlete. She’s a very dedicated student and an extremely committed and supportive athlete and teammate. She exerts positive energy to anyone who is around her.”

Mira says soccer is her favorite sport from the three that she plays, (soccer, golf & basketball). (Photo Credit: Dearborn High)

Mira’s Academics, Goals & Future

According to Mira, her parents always taught her that school is number one, sports then come second.

“My parents always told my siblings and I that, ‘If your classes are not up to date or if your grades are not there, then you are not going to soccer or basketball today,’” Mira said.

After boasting a 4.5 gpa during her junior year, it’s safe to say that Mira understood her parents’ message.

As for what’s in store for Mira’s future, she said her biggest goal is to get admitted into the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and to major in pre-med.

“I would like to pursue a career in sports medicine,” Mira said. “I picked sports medicine because it’s something that connects my life: What I’ve been doing for the longest time, which is sports, and plus something that I really grew an interest in, which is medicine,” Mira added.

Before going off to college though, Mira still has her senior year looming at Dearborn High.

We asked both of her parents, Ali and Maha, what would they like to see from Mira during her senior year?

Ali and Maha said, “We wish that Mira continues to grow and improve in all that she sets her mind to.  We hope she continues to build great memories, have fun, and get her university wishes fulfilled. We pray that God continues to bless and guide her in the right direction. We wish her success and prosperity always.”

We then asked mira if a college recruit came knocking on her door, what kind of student-athlete would they be getting in Mira Fayad?

Mira’s response was, “You would be getting a coachable, dedicated and caring player who wants what’s best for everyone. Someone that is always trying to pick her teammates up whenever they are down and would tell them to get back in the game.”

OZ Media/The Yemeni American News want to congratulate Mira Fayad once again for being our July Rising Star Student-Athlete of the Month. Good luck on your future endeavors.


OZ Media Video Interview with Mira Fayad: