Jihan Aiyash is Re-elected as Hamtramck’s School Board President


By: Omar Thabet


Former School Board President and 2010 Hamtramck High School Graduate Jihan Aiyash is back to the lead the way for Hamtramck Public Schools.

Jihan was re-elected by her colleagues to become the board president during their meeting this month on Wednesday, January 4th.

Jihan was first elected to the board in 2018. She served as president of the board in 2021 and was just elected to serve as board president for the 2023 session.

When we asked Jihan how does she feel to be back as President, she said, “I am honored my colleagues trusted me again to lead our district. We have many challenges and opportunities ahead to put the needs of our students and families first.”

We also got a chance to interview one of her colleagues, School Board Member Daz’Shavon Hall, who has been longtime friends with Jihan and graduated in the same class with her from Hamtramck High School back in 2010.

When we asked Daz’Shhavon about her thoughts on Aiyash being re-elected as board president, she said, “I’m very excited to have her sitting back in the president seat. Growing up in Hamtramck and attending the schools here allows most of us to know where the district needs help at and where changes need to be made for the success of our students and the future of our district.”