iReady Gets Holbrook Students Prepared for State Assessments


By The Yemeni American News

State Assessments can tell a lot about a school’s academic success. Hamtramck Public Schools’ Holbrook Elementary/Middle School plan on getting ahead of the curve by implementing iReady: which is an online program for reading and math that helps educators determine student’s needs, personalize their learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year.

The Principal of Holbrook, Thomas Talmadge, says iReady has been an amazing addition to the HPS district.

“At Holbrook we use iReady to support the MTSS model as it provides as a progress monitoring tool and helps the staff with targeted student needs resources,” Talmadge said.  “During reading workshop or math centers, one center student will have daily is their iReady learning path.  The path is set for individual students for their individual needs based on their Fall and Winter assessment scores.  Teachers also can set the students learning path to what they are working on in small group and a way to reinforce and check for understanding. They can also make it less or more challenge based on the results of the lesson being completed on the path.”

When asked how has iReady affected student growth so far, principal Talmadge said their students have made great gains this winter.

“Over 50% of the building have already made their annual years growth target.” Talmadge said. “Now we are focusing on student achieving their stretch growth.  Stretch growth is greater and more difficult to obtain in comparison to the annual growth.  Reaching annual growth is great, but basically keeps the student on track at their current learning level.  For example, if a student is 2 levels below grade level and reaches their annual growth, they are still 2 years behind, but not decreasing in any way.  By reaching the stretch growth goal, they will begin to close those educational gaps and begin to surpass grade level expectations set by iReady.”

Holbrook’s lower elementary students smile while receiving their awards and gifts.


Holbrook celebrated their student’s growth during the winter assessment by handing out awards and gifts to students who made positive growth this time around.

But the rewards won’t stop there. 

“As an added incentive, we will have an end of the year raffle,” Talmadge added. “The prizes will be shared with students prior to the assessment window.  If students reach their annual goal, they will get 5 tickets. If you reach your annual and stretch growth you will get 10 tickets.  If you are the highest score in the class, you will receive 10 tickets.  If you are most improved, you will receive another 10 tickets.   If you did not obtain any of these but did show good test taking effort and grew some, they will receive 2 tickets.”