HFC, UM-Dearborn announce streamlined “Learn4ward” joint degree program.


The Yemeni American News

Dearborn, Mich. – Two of the most important educational institutions in Dearborn are teaming up for a streamlined degree program. Henry Ford College and University of Michigan-Dearborn combined their educational efforts in order for students who receive certain associates degrees from HFC to get guaranteed admission to UM-Dearborn, depending on all qualifications being met.

The program is called Learn4ward. Announced just this week, the Learn4ward program seeks to save students the bulk of tuition costs while providing a more intuitive degree process. At the announcement, both the President of Henry Ford College and the Chancellor of University of Michigan Dearborn were present.

“Learn4ward is a great example of bringing together the best of Michigan community colleges and universities to support student success,” said Russell Kavalhuna, president of Henry Ford College. “This partnership also represents a great return on taxpayer dollars. Students will graduate with two relevant, high-quality, affordable degrees. They will be prepared for in-demand jobs and to lead our state into a competitive, thriving future.”

In order to participate in this program, students will need to earn a Associate of Arts, Science, Business or other degrees through articulation agreements within three years of enrolling. Students will received guaranteed admission to UM-Dearborn based on their GPA, which will need to be at least a 2.75 for a student to be considered.

The major point for the Learn4ward program is its cost-saving potential. Students will receive free or low-cost tuition through Henry Ford College, while being considered for merit-based scholarships available to University of Michigan – Dearborn students.

Academic support and research support will be available for Learn4ward students before matriculating to UM-Dearborn. Certain facilities and career support services will also be made available to Learn4ward students before matriculating to UM-Dearborn as well.

“Learn4ward is good for students and good for Michigan’s economy,” said UM-Dearborn Chancellor Domenico Grasso. “Henry Ford College and UM-Dearborn have a deep history in partnering in ways to best support students of southeast Michigan.

“By providing additional wraparound support and a seamless, laser-focused path to a Michigan degree, we are preparing students to graduate on time into good-paying jobs while supporting our state’s vital workforce goals and for many students, helping to change the trajectory of their lives.”

The State of Michigan currently is working toward a “60X30” goal “to increase the number of Michiganders with a college degree or professional credential to 60 percent by the year 2030.”