Hamtramck’s New Pocket Park Concept Seeking Donations


By Simon Albaugh

Hamtramck, Mich. – A new pocket park concept for Hamtramck’s Trowbridge Street has been in the works since 2014, but now with a renewed funding opportunity through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the Pocket Park is coming much closer to its fundraising goal.

Renderings show that the park will be about the size of a house’ footprint. It will feature a greenspace with park benches and a small play structure. The park will be known as Salam Peace Park.

Salam Peace Park’s Design was put together by students of Wayne State University’s Urban Planning Program. 

“The City of Hamtramck is very excited to partner with Wayne Metro on the development of Salam Peace Park,” said Hamtramck City Mayor Karen Majewski. “This park will not only provide Hamtramck residents with a natural space for rest and recreation, it is also a testament to this community’s commitment to embracing diversity and international harmony.”

Funding for the park is dependent on donations through the Michigan-based crowdfunding platform, patronicity. The MEDC is prepared to match all donations that reach up to a $22,000 goal, for a total of the $44,000 goal for the park’s cost.

According to Salam Peace Park’s Patronicity page, the cost goes to funding the landscaping costs for the park, which are estimated to be at around $49,000. Because of the intention to mobilize volunteer efforts, the cost is being adjusted.

The hope for the park, according to one of the project’s organizers, is to provide a greenspace for Hamtramck residents to find a sense of calm in the neighborhoods. Hamtramck and Detroit are trailing behind many cities when it comes to greenspace and recreational opportunities.

There has been far-reaching research showing that greenspaces in urban areas has a positive effect on improving mental health and a sense of well-being for residents. Since the time when the plot of land was donated to the Public Places Community Spaces Initiative, the effort has continued to develop the concept.

The design for the park was made by students of Wayne State University’s Urban Planning program. For more information about the park, how to donate, or how to get involved with Salam Peace Park, check out the Initiative’s Patronicity page here.