Hamtramck Public School’s Election Results


By Omar Thabet – Yemeni American News

On Tuesday, November 8th elections were held all across the United States of America.

One of the categories Hamtramck residents were able to vote on were new school board members for the district. 

There were three candidates competing for two seats. The candidates were Abdulmalik Algahaim, Victor Farris and Gamal Alturki (who ran as a write-in candidate).

Current board member Moortadha Obaid ran un-opposed for a partial term.

Voting polls opened at 7:00 a.m. and closed at 8:00 p.m.

Here were the results from the election:

Abdulmalik Algahaim: 50.68% (2,394 votes)

Victor Farris: 35.54% (1,679 votes)

Gamal Alturki (write-in): 13.78% (651 votes)

Hamtramck School Board Member-Partial Term Ending 12/31/26-Results:

Moortadha Obaid: 95.26% (2,551 votes)

-Write-In: 4.74% (127 votes)



We caught up with each elected board member and asked them how they felt to be selected to lead Hamtramck’s Public-School District?

Moortadha Obaid said, “I feel honored by the citizens of Hamtramck to select me and believe in me to be a board member for the second time.”

Victor Farris responded by saying, “I’m speechless. It’s complicated to even put my feelings into words. What I can say is being an HPS alumni, I know that this is going to be great. I’m excited to be a part of this and cannot wait to engage more with others in my community and in the school system.”

Abdulmalik Algahaim said, “Feels good to finally be an advocate and positive voice for all our children. I also want to say thank you to everyone in our wonderful city of Hamtramck for electing me to serve you and your children as a member of the Hamtramck School Board of Education. I am deeply humbled by your support, and I want to assure you that comes January I am going to work and make the correct decisions to make sure that your concerns are heard and addressed.”


Plans for the Future

We then asked each elected board member what are some plans and goals they want to see implemented during their time working in the district?

Victor said, “I plan on devoting my time, serious effort and energy into my end goal which is to help HPS strive in all aspects and be better than yesterday, every day.”

Abdulmalik said, “My focus is on the district’s budget and operating expenses, improving and implementing safety measures to protect our children, reviewing current bond measures and local levies for school facilities and operations, approving curriculum materials with input from our parents, and last but not least is improve the transportation system.”

Moortadha said, “We have a lot of goals that still need to be finished, and one of them is to get our district stable after covid.” 

All of the candidates are grateful, humbled and honored to serve as school board members for Hamtramck’s Public-School district.

From all of us at the Yemeni American News we want to say congratulations to Abdulmalik Algahaim, Moortadha Obaid and Victor Farris for securing their seats on Hamtramck’s School Board!