Global Ties Detroit Brings Bangladeshi Delegation to Hamtramck, Detroit


The Yemeni American News

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – Yesterday, representatives from Bangladesh’s judicial system and customs enforcement came to Hamtramck to tour Banglatown and meet with members of Bangladesh’s diaspora. Their meeting, held at a restaurant on Conant Street, was organized through Global Ties Detroit, a nonprofit organization that hosts international exchanges on behalf of US Governmental agencies.

The international exchange of officials from Bangladesh is just one of four organizations currently visiting the Detroit area. Officials from Bangladesh are staying in Detroit as part of an effort to explore how Detroit has been approaching the issue of Human Trafficking.

After a tour through Hamtramck and the neighboring Banglatown neighborhood of Hamtramck and Detroit, the group of law enforcement delegates met with members of the local Bangladeshi community here in Hamtramck. In a community forum run by Muhith Mahmood, the group were able to discuss some issues.

“So they started with their names and their positions and what they do [in Bangladesh,]” said Rezaul Chowdhury, an ambassador for Global Detroit. “And they shared their experience here in the United States, especially in this region. When they came, they felt like they were home; they’re very comfortable. They could eat their native food after like, two weeks.

“…And you know, they asked the community members to work together to improve the region and try to support Bangladesh, to grow business and other things.”

Rezaul Chowdhury begins the guided tour through Hamtramck at Hamtramck City Hall. 

Muhith Mahmood said that he wanted to avoid getting too much into political issues. However, residents of Michigan from Bangladesh expressed the need for a consulate office in Michigan. The nearest offices where members of the Bangladeshi diaspora can access consular services are all the way in New York City or Washington D.C.

“The people that came from overseas, they’re friendly,” Mahmood said. “And they understand the need and so they will express this opinion to proper areas when it gets the chance… they can express that we went to Michigan and people are demanding the consulate office. So I think that was a very good thing. And besides that, to me, everyone was very friendly. Everyone was happy and taking pictures. That’s the energy of the room from both sides, the community and the arriving guests.”

Global Ties Detroit, the organization that helped bring the delegation from Bangladesh, is part of a national organization that hosts international exchanges on behalf of US Government Agencies. There are currently four delegations from several countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Bangladesh who have all come through Global Ties Detroit.