Giuliani Left Michigan with no case for voter fraud, but got everything he could’ve wanted.


By Simon Albaugh – Yemeni American News

Lansing, Mich. – Head attorney for Trump’s legal team, Rudy Giuliani, came in front of Michigan’s House Oversight Committee yesterday to bring the case of election fraud into the open. Witnesses in front of the Oversight Committee allege voter fraud on a massive scale, with people in leadership positions instructing workers to commit fraud, a coordinated democratic effort to undermine Republican efforts, and one of the most insecure elections in history. But there’s only one problem, courts have long established that the vast majority of these claims are misleading, or just patently false.

The first three witnesses brought before the Oversight Committee by Giuliani – Jessy Jacob, Melissa Carone and Andrew Sitto – have had their testimony thrown out of court cases. Many for different reasons.

Jacob, an employee for the City of Detroit, said that her supervisors instructed her to backdate ballots that were received late, illicitly approve absentee ballot applications as often as possible and even disregard the Michigan Election Manual in order to get more Democratic votes. In an emotional testimony, she told the Oversight Committee that she “hopes this will help this nation. That’s the only reason why I’m here.”

In his legal opinion, Judge Timothy M. Kenny was asked to consider the merit of a case alleging voter fraud. The legal opinion states that most witness’ affidavits were unacceptable as proof of fraud, including Jacob’s.

“Ms. Jacob’s information is generalized,” reads Judge Kenny’s legal opinion. “It asserts behavior with no date, location, frequency, or names of employees. In addition, Ms. Jacob offers no indication of whether she took steps to address the alleged misconduct or to alter any supervisor about the alleged voter fraud. Ms. Jacob only came forward after the unofficial results of the voting indicated former Vice President Biden was the winner in the State of Michigan.”

For most witnesses, the partisan leanings were very clear. Witness Melissa Carone alleged that voter fraud was carried out continuously by election workers at Detroit’s counting effort in the TCF Center. As an IT Worker, she says she saw people taking advantage of technical glitches in Dominion Election System’s Voting Machines.

Melissa Carone (Left) was a contract-IT worker for Dominion Voting Systems during the Nov. 3 Count at the TCF Center. 

However, her testimony was also riddled with hearsay, with many statements quickly being qualified as things she’s heard from others. Judge Kenny also said that in the same legal opinion that “Ms. Carone’s description of the events at the TCF Center does not square with any of the other affidavits… Neither Republican nor Democratic challengers nor City Officials substantiate her version of events. The allegations are simply not credible.”

When she was being questioned by elected officials in the Oversight Committee, she closed her testimony saying that Democrats try to ruin people’s lives “just like they’re trying to ruin Trump’s life.”

Many Republican election officials have reported experiencing Harassment due to their stance on the election’s efficacy. Monica Palmer, a member of Wayne County’s Board of Canvassers says that she experienced alarming harassment as a result of her unease over certifying Wayne County’s Election Results. During her testimony in front of the Oversight Committee, she restated many of her claims over her initial refusal to certify Wayne County’s elections.

Palmer said that Canvassers were not given any opportunity to oversee the election, and that there is no process for auditing some communities in Wayne County, which was instrumental in Biden’s victory in Michigan.

In the end, Giuliani may not have had the complete case for widespread voter fraud that he’d like lawmakers to believe. With Trump’s intentions, even before the election, to explore every legal avenue to contest losing results, people outside of the Republican Party – along with some within it – say that the legal fight over voter fraud seems disingenuous.

Trump’s legal team may have left Michigan without as strong of a case as they would’ve hoped. Calling the election in Michigan a “swindle, a con-job and a theft of an election.” In his closing arguments, Giuliani cited corruption statistics as proof of voter fraud. Saying that the judges, the workers and the technology and media companies are all in on “an eroding of our freedoms.”

At the end of the day, many things said in the Committee Hearing may not hold up in a Court of Law, may not provide a clear case for voter fraud, and may not be helpful in any way. But for Giuliani, the stop seemed to have a different goal: to invigorate the debate over voter fraud.

Pro-Trump Protesters Demonstrate outside the TCF Center as poll workers finish counting Detroit’s votes. (Photo by Simon Albaugh)

“Donald Trump was ahead by 800,000 votes,” Giuliani said. “Then over a four-to-five day period, with this ridiculously corrupt system of counting, they turned it around with ballots coming in the backdoor, ballots being driven down from New York. There’s no way this wasn’t stolen. And what it takes is courage to stand up to what the Democrats do to them.”

As Oversight Committee Member stated, it’s not about getting to the root of the truth. It’s about something else:

“Your team has now lost 39 court cases in the aftermath of the election, with judges ruling that there is inadequate evidence to support the sweeping claims that you are making and repeating here tonight,” said Representative Darrin Camilleri, (D) 23rd District. “If our local clerks, state and federal judges across the country and the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the United States cannot find any substance or any merit in any of your arguments, why should we?”