Dearborn voters are encouraged to support their public schools on Nov 5th

YAN – Dearborn

On November 5th, 2019, Dearborn voters are going to find one item on their ballot, the Dearborn Schools bond. The voters are asked to support Dearborn Schools with a bond proposal that will renew expiring bonds that were approved in 2003 and 2013. The Dearborn School Board has approved this ballot proposal last June to ask for a “no-tax-increase” of $240 million bond to be approved by the voters this November.
The Yemeni American News has analyzed the bond proposal and is encouraging voters to do their research on how to vote. The Yemeni American News team agreed to support this bond, and although it’s not a perfect bond proposal; it will resolve various infrastructure challenges the district is facing for years to come.
According to Dearborn Schools district, this bond will fund projects that focus on buildings, renovations, infrastructure, capacity and safety (BRICS).
Dearborn schools add that “the BRICS Bond proposal is the direct result of the Infrastructure Task Force, which spent just over three months developing a plan and then making a recommendation to the Board of Education that included a zero millage increase while still generating $240 million to address a variety of critically needed items and updates in our schools.”
The proposal is detailed at the district’s website, and all schools will benefit from the proposal over the next 6 years.
The Yemeni American News encourages voters to exercise their rights and vote on the bond proposal. Early voting (now with no-reason absentee) has started and elections day is Tuesday, November 5th.