Dearborn Schools’ Glenn Maleyko named Michigan Superintendent of the Year


By Adel A. Mozip
The Yemeni American News

The Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) has chosen Dearborn’s Glenn Maleyko as its Superintendent of the Year.
Chris Wigent, the executive director of MASA lauded Maleyko at the November P-12 meeting of the Dearborn Board of Education calling him an “outstanding leader”.
“Always putting students first, Dr. Maleyko cares deeply about their success, which has paid off in many areas including an increase in rising graduation rates,” Wigent said.
He went on to praise Maleyko’s “strategic planning”, which he said is leading to greater success for students as well as educators in Dearborn.
“In addition, his leadership in the district’s social media presence is impressive and demonstrates his willingness to ensure that there is a strong connection between the school district and the community,” Wigent said.
The Superintendent’s initiatives include reorganizing administrative responsibilities, so schools are grouped by the high school they feed into, which helps educators improve how they see their role in ensuring each student’s ultimate academic success.
He has also successfully implemented the strategic plan and uses those goals to drive the work of the district.
One of Maleyko’s most well-received accomplishments has been the creation of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.
Now in its third year, this group of about 15 high school students meets regularly with the superintendent and other key administrators to share their perspectives on district issues and discuss how to meet students’ needs.
“Receiving this award is a huge honor for me,” Maleyko told the Yemeni American News. “I am truly humbled to be recognized by my colleagues from across the state. It is also special that state PTA members, state school Board members, and administrators and teachers from across the state are part of the selection committee.”
Maleyko also credited Dearborn students, educators and community members for the success of the district.
“Although I received this award, it really belongs to our entire school community,” he said. “My philosophy has always involved teamwork and working together with the staff, parents, community members and of course my pride and joy our outstanding students.”
He said the pride of the schools’ accomplishments should be shared by everyone.
Maleyko’s predecessor in Dearborn, Brian Whiston had received the same recognition five years ago. Whiston had gone on to become the superintendent of the entire state before losing his battle with cancer earlier this year. He was 56 years old.
Maleyko paid tribute to Whiston.
“This award also carries a lot of sentimental value because, on the same day, November 12, 2013, my mentor, a phenomenal administrator and leader, Mr. Brian Whiston received the same award,” Maleyko said.
“I was by his side to see that happen and it made it even more special for me to have Beth and Kristen Whiston in attendance while I received the award.”
He extended his gratitude to his family for the “continuous and unwavering support.” .
Maleyko said the prestigious award is a testament to the hard work taking place in our district to benefit the students.
“All of us in education understand that our work is never done and we must always push to deliver the very best instruction, however, when I see the optimism and hope in the faces of our students, and when I witness first hand the success they are having in our schools, I feel very optimistic about the future of Dearborn, this state, and this great nation,” he added.
A panel of distinguished judges selected Maleyko from a pool of highly qualified nominees. The Michigan Superintendent of the Year is recognized for strong leadership, creativity in successfully meeting the needs of students, communication skills, professionalism, community involvement, and student success during that person’s tenure.