celebrating the yemeni american news 10th anniversary

This year, we at the Yemeni American News are celebrating 10 years of existence. We thought it would make sense if we ask all the advisory board members and staff members to write about their experiences at the Yemeni American News. Looking back, the newspaper project has passed through a number of stages and overcame many obstacles under the leadership of its publisher, Rasheed Alnozili. The newspaper is still work in progress and the team is planning in advancing its reach and impact.
Here are the testimonies:

The Yemeni American News

Thanks and gratitude

Rasheed Alnozili

On this dear occasion, I would like to thank first and foremost for our readers who are our greatest motivation to continue the work that we do. I’d like to also thank our supportive advertisers who are the backbone of our media organization.

The newspaper will be holding a celebration on July 27th at the Arab American National Museum at 5:30 pm. The program will include a mini-documentary on how we at the newspaper produce each issue.
While the event is invitation-only, you can always RSVP to join us in this celebration by calling the newspaper’s phone.

It is worthy to note that we have great ambitions to move forward with this newspaper project. We’re always looking for ways to improve on the work we do toward institutionalizing and expanding the newspaper’s sections in different areas.

Mohammed Aldeus
(Advisory Board):

The idea of ​​the newspaper has been in Rasheed’s head since the beginning of the current millennium as a cultural, scientific, and socio-economic project which contributes to keep pace with Yemeni American society and aspirations as it emerges in the fabric of great multi-ethnic American society, taking advantage of the renaissance of civilization, the freedom of the press, justice, and democracy.

After extensive and intensive discussions for several years, and after a thorough study of most of the existing cultural projects, the decision to launch the website as a future repository for the newspaper and a cultural platform that facilitates communication, scientific, cultural, social, economic and sports communication was successful. Since its first publication, the newspaper has defended most humanitarian issues, freedom, democracy. The newspaper from the get-go has focused on highlighting the issues of education, cultural, social, economic and sports projects aimed at the Yemeni-American community, honoring and spotlighting outstanding individuals, and always working to highlight the rich cultural background, heritage and cultural heritage of Yemeni Americans.

Without a doubt, the paper went through difficult stages, obstacles and I mean serious obstacles like any other cultural project, but the absolute faith, solid will, constant movement and continuous perseverance of the publisher, we achieved success. I’d like to commend my fellow colleagues at the newspaper who without their dedication, we would not have a successful newspaper project.

Defending rights

Jamal AlTurki
(Advisory Body):

A decade has passed since the launch of the “Yemeni American” through its website and publication paper. The Yemeni American News was a real breakthrough in the saga of our Yemeni-American society through delivering honest journalism with an outstanding performance, a sincerity of direction, a nobility of purpose and a clarity of vision.
Over the past decade, the Yemeni American newspaper has been highlighting the ordinary Yemeni American in the way he/she deserves through the distinguished civilizational dimension and the human heritage that is deeply involved in human history. The newspaper influenced the reality of the Yemeni community by supporting education and spreading political and legal awareness. The constitutional and legal rights that must be upheld to win rights and work constantly with all human rights organizations to defend human rights as the cornerstone of development and growth. I would like to extend best regards to the Publisher, Rasheed Alnozili, my fellow comrades in this distinguished media organization, and wish them further progress and success.


Dr. Abdo Rashed
(Advisory Board):

The newspaper has done a lot since its inception, and I remember that it was 16 pages in the first of the first editions and now it is 40 pages, including reports, interviews and success stories. Wishing you the team more successful and much appreciation to all the staff members.


Dr. Shaker Lashuel
(Editorial Board):

The Yemeni American News is not the first nor the only publication in our Yemeni American community, but what made it unique is that it was part of a vision that promotes Yemeni American identity and seeks to support and encourage the Yemeni American society to be more present and influential in the larger American society. From the first day of the creation of the Yemeni American News, Rasheed Alnozili presented a social project that strengthens Yemenis’ ties with their roots and history while making an influence to build bridges of interdependence and relations with other communities. Ten years of work and continuous struggle did not go in vain or simply printing news, but it was a wise investment to build a powerful media foundation that takes on the current issues faced by our society. Ten years of material, moral and societal challenges have passed to come today and culminate in the Yemeni American achievement that reflects the nature of the ambitious project and the determination of Mr. Alnozili and the success of his leadership for this project.

The truth of the moment

Mohamed Alturki
(Editorial Board):

The Yemeni American News is a brought star and a proud achievement for Yemeni Americans. It came as a result of the truth of the moment in which the faith and determination of a few young people in the community led them to the task of enlightenment duty towards their community through this project. I congratulate the publisher and making it happen all of the past ten years and I hope the team can turn it into a magazine so it can be kept in-house libraries for generations to read.

A piece of my homeland

Wajdi Alahdal
(Editorial Board)

I was honored to meet the Yemeni American News editor, Rasheed Alnozili, in 2012 when I was visiting Ann Arbor, Michigan for a literary reading. Rasheed was the only Yemeni American in attendance and gave me a copy of one of the issues of the newspaper. When I held that publication, I felt I was holding a piece of my homeland, Yemen. Being a bilingual newspaper is a challenge but Rasheed was up to this challenge and has produced content to be proud of. We’re celebrating 10 years of excellence in journalism and every Yemeni should be proud of this great project.

Stephen Coats
(Video Producer)

“I have been part of the Yemeni American News team for eight-nine years and from the beginning I really wanted to be a part of something new.  I lived in Yemen as a kid for 5 years and seeing how the Yemeni Community here in Dearborn took me back to my time in Yemen, good memories about the people, the culture, the language, the food. There are stories that come from Yemen that are amazing and they’re different and Yemenis need to tell their own stories but my community also needs to hear them. The broader Community needs to understand more about the Yemeni people and how important and valuable contributions they make to our society.”

“More people are engaging their news through video and audio and I would like to see continued good content that are produced and distributed on social media.”

“Thinking back on the movie we did called the “Yemeni Voices in America” it was a very good project.  I think the main thing I really appreciated about that project was the feature story of Dr. Rashid Abdu was amazing.  He’s so charismatic, he has a good story, he’s got a beautiful heart, a beautiful spirit.  When he spoke about his wife and his friends sometimes tears of sincerity would come to his eyes.”

“I think what we can do better for the future with Yemeni American women’s stories.  If we do it in a tasteful way the stories are really going to inspire young girls, our daughters and our neighbors to become women with amazing careers with good education and they can do a lot of excellent things.”

“My work comes from the heart and I benefited so much from Yemen as a kid and so for me I feel like this is a way I can give back to the Yemeni community and the country of Yemen but also I take pride in my work as an artist or videographer, filmmaker.  I do see myself as a visual storyteller and my name is going to be on it.  I want to do the best job because I want to represent myself well, my family well.  As a Christian living in Yemen people might perceive that we would be persecuted or ostracized, we never felt that.  We always felt safe and cared for and our Muslim friends there were very generous and so I also want to in terms of Muslim/Christian relations there’s something I can do to help bring healing and understanding because there’s too much hatred and misunderstanding we don’t need more of that.”

“I think the strength of the Yemeni American News is there is a niche, a specific focus, more of a narrowcasting strategy.  More and more people like content that’s in their language, in their community that feels like home because we can all produce something broad and general and in the English language and we put it out but it doesn’t retain the unique spices and flavors.”

“I’m proud to be a part of it and congratulations, Alef Mabrouk on your 10 years to Rasheed and the whole team so proud that we made it this far.  Part of what I enjoy about the paper and my heart is knowing that the paper is providing some value and jobs and resources back in Yemen.  I think that’s important we can’t forget where we came from, where the Yemeni community is from and so if this paper, this enterprise, this project can provide some sustainability back in Yemen it’s why I feel strongly that I want to continue to be involved in this.”

The Merit of Celebration

Ahmed Alaghbari
(Arabic Editorial)

One of the most important challenges facing any newspaper is its ability to persist in being successful, timely publication, and in this industry, we understand what it means to be continuous and organized. We can say that the Yemeni American News was able to overcome the obstacles of establishment and attendance, as well as the state of polarization and loyalty, and was able to stay true to the Arab and Yemeni American society issues; being unbiased and always highlighting the success stories and outstanding talents of Yemenis abroad.

I have witnessed a lot of successes achieved for the newspaper during my short experience of working with the staff for the past year. I can say from my professional experience which spans more than 20 years with the local, Arab and international press that this newspaper is a worthy experience to study. The newspaper has contributed to the empowerment of the Yemeni American community and without a doubt, this newspaper has succeeded to establish itself and gain a huge readership base.

Celebrating excellence

Adel Mozip (Editorial Board)

I joined the Yemeni American News back in 2008 when it was just starting and took on the design duties for the paper. I met Rasheed through Dr. Shaker Lashuel and I was very interested in covering sports both locally and internationally. Over the years, I’ve contributed to the newspaper in covering events or important news as they broke. The team over the past ten years has been successful in publishing unique stories of individuals who are exemplifying the struggles of Yemeni Americans. Publishing unique success stories has been the joy of the job with the Yemeni American News and I’m very proud of the work we have done. Our unique stories can’t be found anywhere else, and I’m glad that we’re now telling our own stories. I appreciate the newspaper vision in focusing on two areas I feel very passionate about: education and youth. Congratulations to the entire team and let’s celebrate this success!