Canadian Wildfires Lead to Air-Quality Health Advisory


DETROIT, MI – Smoke from the Canadian wildfires is impacting air quality across the U.S. causing unhealthy air quality conditions in the Midwest, Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Due to these poor air quality conditions, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has issued an air quality alert for  Thursday, June 8th for many southeast Michigan counties, including Wayne County.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Air Quality Index indicates that fine particulate matter, or PM 2.5, is at “red” to “orange” or unhealthy levels across Michigan, especially for sensitive populations. Exposure can cause immediate health effects such as irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, coughing, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. Residents with asthma may experience higher risk of asthma attacks. Unhealthy air quality levels can also worsen medical conditions such as heart and lung disease. Pregnant women, infants, children, and people with heart and conditions are particularly sensitive to PM 2.5.

“We urge children, pregnant women, residents with chronic illnesses, and seniors to stay indoors where possible. Everyone else should stay vigilant and limit outdoor activities ,” said Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, Health Officer for Wayne County and Director of the Department of Health, Human, and Veteran Services.


Additional tips include:

  • Limit outdoor activities and stay inside, when possible, especially if you are at higher risk
  • For all outdoor activities, take more breaks and avoid intense activities.
  • Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them
  • Watch for symptoms and take action as directed by your healthcare provider. Contact a healthcare provider if symptoms worsen.

Real-time air quality conditions that indicate if air quality is healthy (green) or unhealthy (yellow, orange, and red) along with steps to protect your health can be found at

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