Adel Mozip running for a seat on the Dearborn Board of Education

On Saturday, June 4th Adel Mozip, a candidate for the Dearborn Board of Education, hosted a Graduation Celebration & Fundraising Dinner.  The dinner was held at the Arab American National Museum to celebrate the graduates of 2016 including Mr. Mozip, a recent MBA graduate from Wayne State.
The celebration dinner’s purpose was to highlight graduates’ achievements and help support Adel Mozip’s bid for the Dearborn School Board.  The event was a huge success!  Mozip appreciates the individuals who have taken time out of their day to help congratulate some of this year’s graduates and supporting his campaign.

The Yemeni American News staff sat down with Adel for an extended interview:


 YAN: First, tell us why you decided to run for the Board of Education?

Adel: Education has been always my passion. Though my parents did not receive formal education, they have always stressed on the importance of education and always encouraged me to aim higher. Over time, I became an advocate for education myself and became actively involved in the community right after high school. Going through the struggle of being a newcomer as a freshman in High School with no professional guidance, I promised myself that I will do my best to make things easier for the people who come after me. Deciding to run for board came after believing that our students need a voice on the board that understands their struggles, and at the same time the board needs fresh ideas from the new generation coupled with business experience.

 YAN: You applied to fill in a vacant seat on the Board in 2015 and you were not selected. Did that discourage you?

Adel: Not at all. I respect the Board’s decision. I believe Trustee Hammoud is qualified to serve. I also believe others who have applied other than myself were also qualified to serve. That decision made me more determined to run this fall.

 YAN: You enjoy a lot of support from the young generation. How are you going to convince the older generation of voting for you in November?

Adel: I hope to gain the support of people from all walks of life in our city: the young and seniors. I have a vision for the School Board which is to focus on providing top quality education for our students while being fiscally responsible when performing the tasks that are needed to achieve my goals for the board. I also have a track record of leadership,  business, and personal experience that I will bring to the board. I am confident that when our great citizens get to know me, my track record, and my plan, they will support me in this race.

 YAN: In the same context, you have a huge presence in the Arab American community, especially the Yemeni American one since you are an involved Yemeni American citizen and viewed a community leader, how are you going to reach voters who are specifically non-Arab or non-Yemeni?

Adel: Great question. I’m as involved in the Dearborn community as a whole. Obviously I cannot join every organization in the city and become an active member, but I have been participating in some local organizations that have national presence. I am an active member along with my wife at the League of Women Voters of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights. I’m also a member of the Sierra Club of Michigan which challenges the status quo of the environment in the State. I also recently joined the Democratic club. I plan to knock on doors in many areas in Dearborn and speak directly to the parents of our students on what they’d hope to see in our city in the upcoming future. I already have started doing so since April and received a great deal of feedback.

 YAN: To serve on an important post such as the Board of Education, a person must have some academic qualifications and preferably a business background. Do you have these qualifications?

Adel: If I didn’t see myself fit to serve on this Board, I would not have filed to run. I believe I am very qualified to serve on this board. Academically, I have a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, 8 years of business experience including founding a tech startup, a master’s in business administration (MBA) from Wayne State University. I also have a teaching experience which has allowed me to know current students’ struggles firsthand.  I have taught the Comcast Digital Connectors program hosted by the Arab Community Center for Social and Economic Services (ACCESS) for 3 years. I was the lead instructor for the last 2 years, teaching students about technology, civic engagement, and leadership preparing them to be community leaders. All that aside, I will bring a unique personal life experience to the board.

 YAN: Who do you look up to as a role model?

Adel: This is a difficult one since I didn’t witness my main role models but I would say Nelson Mandela. His struggle for equality for his people and then his ability to bring people together to forgive and work on what’s important for the future generation rather getting stuck in the past inspires me a lot. I do hope people take that from the great Mandela and always focus on what’s positive and good for the future. His vision and character is much needed in the World right now.

 YAN: This is for fun: we’d like to know your favorite quote, your favorite comedian, favorite sport teams, and favorite musician.

Adel: My favorite quote would be for Malcom X, “Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow, belongs to those who prepare for it today.” My favorite comedian would be Jon Stewart followed by Chris Rock. My sport teams are too many to count. As a tractor, I must cheer for Fordson, doesn’t mean I also cheer for the Thunderbirds & Pioneers. All my friends know that I admire Bayern Munich Football Club and Liverpool Football Club (Both European soccer clubs). My favorite musicians would be Halim (famous Egyptian singer) and Adele and not necessarily because we’re one letter different but rather because of her voice.

 YAN: If citizens would like to know more about you or ask you a question we didn’t ask, how would they be able to do so?

Adel: To know more about me, please visit for my full biography. They can send in their questions through the website or even contribute to the campaign, which would be greatly appreciated. They can also send me a text or call me directly at313-415-5801 for any questions or concerns that they may have?