AAYSP’s 13th Annual Scholarship Gala was a Success!


By Omar Thabet

On Wednesday, August 23rd AAYSP held their 13th Annual Scholarship Gala at Lincoln Manor Hall, which is located in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

The hall was filled with elected officials, school board members and presidents, community members, as well as scholarship recipients and their families.

Overall the event went really well, bringing a unique blend of people together for a great cause!.


What is the AAYSP and the Scholarship GALA?

AAYSP stands for the American Association of Yemeni Students and Professionals. 

According to  Vice President of the National Board, Adeeb Mozip, AAYSP is a “National organization dedicated to the advancement of Yemeni American Students and Professionals.”

Hesham Aldhaibani, who is the President of the AAYSP Michigan Chapter, said the Gala is to, “Give out scholarships and to recognize teachers and administrators who have been working hard to support their students.”

Saeid Alawathi (left) was given the “Community Member of the year” award by AAYSP.


Award & Scholarship Recipients 

There were many scholarships awarded to students who reside in Dearborn and the metro Detroit Areas. Each scholarship was sponsored by a local business from within the community.

As for AAYSP’s award winners, they were:

-The Keynote Speaker of the Year: Ziyad Muflahi

– The Community Member of the Year: Saeid Alawathi

-Administrator of the Year: Mohammed Alsanai 

-Student of the Year: Alyamamh Rahimee

-Teacher of the Year: Sakainah Saleh

-Teacher of the Year: Fatma Fadak

-Teacher of the Year: Holly Gilbert

-Teacher of the Year: Victoria Keller

-Teacher of the Year: Fida Amir

Ziyad Muflahi (right) was the “Keynote Speaker of the year” for AAYSP’s 13th annual Scholarship Gala!

We caught up with the keynote Speaker of the Year, Ziyad Muflahi, to share his thoughts on receiving the prestigious award. 

Ziyad said, “This experience was especially meaningful to me, not just because I believe in AAYSP’s mission, but because I was introduced by a former student and awarded by the chapter president. Thank you, AAYSP, for giving me this opportunity, for recognizing teachers and community members dedicated to their passions, and the students who will be future trailblazers, making the journey for the next Yemeni-American that much smoother.”

Student of the year nominee Alyamamh Rahimee was also honored to receive the award.

She said, “First and foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to AAYSP for not only hosting this event, but for also offering the remarkable scholarship opportunities to students which brought us together tonight.”

Alyamamh Rahimee (left) was given the “Student of the Year” award by AAYSP.


Rahimee added, “As a Yemeni woman I could say that recognition, especially just for being Yemeni, is extremely rare. That’s why when I discovered AAYSP, my heart leaped with joy. Because finally I realized that I would be acknowledged not only for my accomplishments, but also for who I am and the heritage I carry. So thank you!” 

Mohammed Alsanai (left) was given the “Administrator of the Year” award by AAYSP.


What’s Next for AAYSP?

AAYSP also launched their new “Parent Outreach” program during the Gala this past week. This program looks to aid and teach the importance of Education to the parents.

According to Hesham, they’ve already begun implementing this program in high schools, community events and local mosques.

They even have people who speak both English and Arabic so that language is not a barrier for the parents.

If you want to learn more about this program then please reach out to Hesham.

Hesham also got a chance to speak at the podium during the Gala. Hesham closed out his speech by addressing parents and students.

Hesham said, “Students: Never underestimate the love and support your parents are capable of. Don’t be afraid to voice your words and allow your parents to help you to your full capabilities.”

He then added, “And to the parents, be proud of your kids who have made it here today. They have put in a lot of work, and it is our duty to support them and to guide them to be more successful.”

From all of us at the Yemeni American News we want to once again say congratulations to AAYSP for organizing a successful 13th annual Scholarship Gala. Also, congratulations to all of the award and scholarship recipients as well!