Hamtramck City Council Candidates

By Omar Thabet – YAN – Hamtramck

The city of Hamtramck will have their city council election on Tuesday, November 5th.
The candidates who are running for the election are: Incumbent Saad Almasmari, Mohammed Alsomiri, Nayeem Choudhury, Mohammed Hassan, Carrie Beth Lasley and Robert Zwolak.
Hamtramck held their primary elections on Tuesday, August 6th. The results from that evening looked like this: Mohammed Alsomiri (727 votes), Nayeem Choudhury (680 votes), Carrie Beth Lasley (612 votes), Saad Almasmari (605 votes), Mohammed Hassan (595 votes), and Robert Zwolak (588 votes).
Three of the six candidates mentioned above will earn themselves a seat on the Hamtramck City Council.
Good luck to all of the candidates. Make sure you go out and vote Hamtramck residents!