Getting Down to Business with Alderwish, CPA

The Yemeni American News

Dearborn, Mich. – Behind every business is the numbers. That’s where someone like Ngeeb Alderwish, CPA comes in. As an Accountant, his livelihood is breaking through the façade of a brand and its marketing to look at what drives business.

Recently, Alderwish, CPA opened up shop in East Dearborn. He’s been at the Accounting field since right after finishing college in 1996, but for the past seven years he’s been working on his own accounting practice. Now, Alderwish, CPA is expanding to include a number of new services for any business that needs them.

Those services, like Tax filing, bookkeeping and even representing clients in front of the IRS are mostly provided to small and medium-sized businesses at the moment. Alderwish, CPA says most of his services are used in the restaurant and retail industry.

Ngeeb Alderwish, CPA opened his office last week for expanded business.


Ngeeb Alderwish, CPA told the Yemeni American News that for most businesses, they can start out doing their own accounting. As the business grows and the transactions become hard to keep up with, that’s when an Accounting Firm like Alderwish’s can be an essential part of a business’ practice.

It’s not just the simple accounting services that Alderwish, CPA says that people depend on though. After Tax season is over, businesses should keep a healthy relationship with their accounting service. Those relationships are what eventually drove the expansion of Alderwish, CPA.

“Basically, I needed the space to hire more employees,” Alderwish, CPA said.

What separates Alderwish from other Accounting Services is that Alderwish is able to represent a client in front of the IRS in any case.

Alderwish CPA is still expanding, so new clients can come to Alderwish, CPA for any services they may need.