A complete list of candidates who applied to be the Wayne County Sheriff

By Simon Albaugh – The Yemeni American News

Wayne County, Mich. – With the untimely passing of Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon due to complications related to COVID-19, Wayne County Officials are rushing to fill the vacant post. Due to an old law that mandates the post be filled within 15 days of the term, a panel of high-ranking county officials will need to decide by this Friday on the person who will replace Sheriff Napoleon.

As the process moves forward, more information will be made available over the week as the interview process may be announced tomorrow, with the eventual candidate decided on Friday. But for right now, here is the complete list of those who applied for the vacant position:

  • Chief Robert B. Dunlap – Chief of Jails and Court Operations for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. For 22 years, Dunlap worked as the Assistant Chief of Police with the Detroit Police Department.

  • Deputy Chief Raphael Washington – Deputy Chief at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and former Detroit Police Department Officer. A graduate of both Harvard University’s Leaders in State and Local Government Certification Program and the FBI National Academy.

  • Undersheriff Daniel Pfannes – Undersheriff for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and currently leading the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office during the vacancy. Near the beginning of his law enforcement career, he worked with the Westland Police Department in a number of capacities including SWAT Team commander and Special Investigations Unit Commander.

  • Commander Lynette Cain – Police Commander at Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and current steward of the Andrew C. Baird Correctional Facility.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon lost his life to COVID-19 on Dec. 17 after a month-long battle with COVID-19. Napoleon is pictured here with Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad. (Photo by Bill Chapman)

  • State Representative Tyrone Carter – State Representative for Michigan’s 6th district and recently a member of the Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee. As a former Law Enforcement Official, he worked for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department for 25 years, retiring as an Executive Lieutenant with the department.

  • Charles Lewis Corley II – Former Deputy Sheriff for the Wayne County Sheriff Department and a Police Officer with the Detroit Transit Police Department. As a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Corley started his career with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Assad I. Turfe – Chief of Staff with the Wayne County Executive’s Office and from 2003 to 2016, a member of Law Enforcement. Having recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, his work with the Wayne County Executive’s Office spans almost the entirety of his completing his degree from Concordia University in Ann Arbor.

  • William T. Riley III – Current Chief of Police for Inkster, Michigan and former Police Chief for Selma, Alabama. He also serves on the Substance Abuse Disorder Oversight Policy Board with the Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network.

  • Walter L. Epps – Former Executive Lieutenant with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. After starting with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in 1991, he worked a number of different beats before eventually working up to Executive Lieutenant.

  • Kevin H. Williams – Former Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety for the University of Michigan-Dearborn Campus. His 30-year career spans high public safety positions at Arizona State University and the University of Oregon.

  • P. Nykoriak – Controversial Politician from the Republican Party who has run for Wayne County Sheriff in elections over the past decade.

  • Calandra Tyson – No Public Information Available

  • Elton Oliver – No Public Information Available

  • Jason Nesler – No Public Information Available