If there’s one thing that can bring a city together, it would definitely be food. It’s safe to say that Amar Pizza has just done that.
It doesn’t matter if you’re Arabic, Polish, African-American, Italian, Irish, Ukrainian, Bosnian, or Bangladesh; everyone seems to love the food from Amar Pizza.. The owner of Amar Pizza, Khurshed Ahmed, is a Bangladeshi-American who graduated out of Hamtramck High School back in 2001. Amar’s Pizza, which is now located on 12195 Joseph Campau street, Hamtramck MI, has been open since January 2010.


 By Omar Thabet


Ahmed said what makes his pizza place different from all of the others is, “Our dough and all of our sauces are all home made in store and we only buy the best and freshest ingredients.”

Ahmed later added that, “People also love or place because of the different varieties of toppings we have to offer. We offer Bangladeshi inspired pizzas. We offer a naga pizza that has naga peppers incorporated in the sauce and topped with chicken, red onion and cilantro. Also, we offer a tandoori pizza that has tandoori sauce topped with chicken and red onion. We also offer have a dry fish pizza. That is made with a spicy fish paste as the sauce and is topped with dried shrimp, roasted garlic, onions and cilantro. I also can’t forget our famous ‘Ghost pepper’ pizza as well.”

If you are not into any of the Bangladeshi inspired pizzas, that’s fine. You can always grab a meat lovers’ pizza, BBQ pizza, spinach pizza, or one of their more popular pizzas, the Philly steak pizza. They offer pizzas in your choice of round, thin crust, and of course, the Detroit style square deep dish.



The Yemeni American News aren’t the only ones who have recognized Amar’s Pizza as a great pizza parlor.

Amar’s Pizza has been featured on Travel Channel’s hit TV show called Bizarre Foods. Host Andrew Zimmerman loved the Dry Fish Pizza.

They were also featured on Metro Times for their Shortlist of Notable Pizza Parlors from the Metro Detroit Area.

They were featured on Real Detroit’s Hungry Dudes. The “Dudes” tried our Ghost Pepper Pizza and voted it the “Hottest” pizza in town.

They were also on Channel 4’s “Live in the D” twice, “Core Detroit”, “Made in Detroit”, modelmedia.com, and Thrillist.com. Heinz Ketchup gave Amar Pizza a shout-out in an article on their ghost pepper pizza. Also, coming soon, Amar Pizza will be featured on “eater.com”, Thrillist”, and “Vice’s Munchies, The Pizza Show”.

Ahmed said, “We are very grateful for all of our success and the recognition we have received throughout the years. “


Customer Satisfaction

Even though his pizza may be inspired by his Bengali heritage, Ahemed’s goal is to have all backgrounds enjoy his food. So far, he’s done a great job accomplishing this goal.

Hamtramck Councilman Ian Perrotta has an Irish-Italian background. Perrotta’s go-to order at Amar Pizza is the Barbecue Chicken Pizza.

Perrotta said, “Overall, I can’t speak highly enough about Amar Pizza and its owners — they have done a lot of things right. First off, the food is great. The ingredients are quality, the preparation is on point, and the final product never disappoints. It’s really cool how they’ve managed to fuse the tastes of Bangladesh with Italian-American style food while not diluting either. Second, they have remained humble throughout their success. Amar Pizza gets a lot of recognition from different TV shows and newspapers or magazines, but it hasn’t gone to their heads. You’ll still find the owners working almost every day, and they greet you by name when you come in. Third, Amar Pizza cares about the community and it shows. They donate to events, keep up their property, and really make an effort to be a business for everyone. It’s nice to see businesses care about more than the bottom line. With everything they’ve done right, Amar Pizza has earned the success they deserve. I really think it’s a perfect example of the American Dream. “

Hamtramck resident Dave Farver has an African-American background. His go-to order at Amar’s Pizza is either the deep-dish BBQ Chicken Pizza or the deep dish Hawaiian Pizza.

Farver later added, “Amar’s pizza has great service and the food is very good.”

Hamtramck resident Neil Yaremchuk has an Ukranian-American background. His go-to order at Amar’s Pizza is either the Tandoori Chicken or the Naga Pizza.

Yaremchuk later added, “Aside from producing a quality product, Amar Pizza and its owners have demonstrated themselves to be good neighbors in our community.  They have been generous with donations for fundraisers and community events-Muslim and non-Muslim alike.  Business owners like Khurshed Ahmed recognize the importance of a higher sense of belonging and it’s their kindness and contribution back to the whole community that makes them partners with the people of Hamtramck. We’re fortunate to have them as a neighbor.  Amar Pizza sets a great example to other businesses that want to succeed in Hamtramck. “

Hamtramck Business owner Nashwan Abdullah has a Yemeni-American background. His go-to order at Amar’s Pizza is the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza with Jalapeños.

Abdullah later added, “One thing I like about Amar’s pizza is not only is the food halal, but unlike other halal pizza places, they actually go by the motto ‘quality and not quantity. They are not afraid better of giving you better food for slightly higher praise than other places around town.”

Amar’s Pizza new Hamtramck location is on 12195 Joseph Campau Street. They also have another Amar’s Pizza that is located at 32046 Groesbeck Hwy, Fraser, MI 48026.


Social Media

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