Mohamed Adam “The Hawk” gets his 10th win in his unbeaten professional career

Mohamed Adam, known as “The Hawk” threw another spectacular show; and this time back in his home town, Detroit on November 3rd at the Motor City Casino. The Dearborn Yemeni American boxer’s record is still clean of any losses at 10-0 with 8 ending in knockouts which makes him a rising star in the professional lightweight boxing. His appoint, Darryol Humphrey, who had almost a perfect record before this match had 14 games with no losses.

By Adel Mozip
The Yemeni American News

The event started with other fights as usual, and Adam’s fight was the highlight of the night. The first round kicked off and punches were exchanged while Adam dodged many of Humphrey’s punches and managing to hit him a few times. When the second round started, it was apparent that Adam wanted to end the game in KO in which he was aggressively attacking Humphrey and in less than 15 seconds going in the 2nd round, Humphrey received two quick punches and fell down.
When asked by the Yemeni American News about this is preparation for this fight, he said “This was a little different, I had better training camp, and better sparring partners, who even came from Russia” Mohamed Adam tells the Yemeni American news.
Mohamed Adam continues to shine in the boxing profession, inspiring many in the community to pursue that tough career. Helal, a 14-year-old Yemeni American who also lives in Dearborn tells me after the fight that he’s looking up to Mohamed Adam as a role model and wants to become a future professional fighter.
When asked about his next steps he said the next fight will be much more difficult and he hopes a national channel would televise it as well.
Adam started amature boxing when he was young and was raised at Kronk Gym in Detroit founded by the late boxing legend Emanuel Steward who trained many boxing icons such as Thomas Hearns, winner of six world titles in five weight classes during his professional career.