Find the Perfect Fit at “Suit Urself”

If you’re looking for a place where you can rock the latest name brand suits at a reasonable price, then you should suit yourself at Suit Urself.

By Omar Thabet
The Yemeni American News

Located at 11659 Joseph Campau Street, Hamtramck, MI, Suit Urself is a place where people can come purchase from a wide range of men’s and children’s suits. You can also purchase formal wear, as well as rent out designer tuxedos, wedding and formal wear needs.
The owners of Suit Urself are brothers Hakeem and Sharief Adam.

Older brother Hakeem Adam said the idea of Suit Urself came from necessity. “For the past few years it seemed like every week I was invited to a wedding. The Yemeni community has grown large over the years and most people were forced to resort to the mall or places like President Tuxedo to find them a nice suit. My brother and I figured Hamtramck needed such a business. Our location is the only place that offered such a service heading west towards Dearborn or heading east as far as St. Clair Shores.”

When younger brother Sharief Adam was asked what makes Suit Urself different than other tuxedo places, he said, “For us it’s more about concentrating on good customer service. I know and understand our customers. I know what they do and don’t want. I also know that our customers tend to have a habit of procrastinating; coming the week of the wedding or a couple days before the big day. So we provide that extra assistance that will inevitably be necessary when arriving so close to the actual day of the wedding or whatever the celebration may be.”
You can’t miss the store when you drive down the north end of Joseph Campau. Their name and logo is very unique. The name of the store is written in white and red print, while being fit in a black bow tie.

The way the Adam brothers came up with the name Suit Urself is pretty hilarious. Hakeem said, “The name came to me as we were considering opening this business. We asked ourselves, ‘if we opened a store and it was closer for everyone in the community and we were cheaper and still had the same designer tuxedos that big franchise stores offer, would the customer come to us?’ One would think yes, and if they didn’t? Suit yourself! It’s your loss.”

Hakeem then laughed and said, “But obviously we sell Suits and it seemed like a cool name.”
Some other materials they sell at Suit Urself are authentic Kango’s and hats, and also athwabs and oils. They also let you rent out jambiyas and swords for wedding parties and hinas.

When I asked Sharief what is Suit Urself’s motto, he said, “I believe the name says it all. We’re not trying to solely make a sale, we’re trying to have the customer satisfied and comfortable so we want the suit to suit you. We want to see the customer smile and feel a higher level of confidence when wearing a suit from our store. We want to be known for offering a comfortable experience when the time comes for our services. That’s our goal!”

Other than being great businessmen, the Adam brothers both enjoy spending time with their families. Hakeem then added, “I personally enjoy embarking on new business ventures. I like to think outside the box and come up with ideas that are different. We are in the land of opportunity and that doesn’t necessarily mean just owning a gas station. I got a bunch of ideas but you know what they say ‘you plan but Allah is the best of planners.’”

The Adam brothers are currently satisfied with the business they have in Hamtramck and don’t plan on expanding out anytime soon.

Sharief said, “We still have a lot to learn and improve on, so until we are confident we have grasped the successful strategies necessary to open multiple locations, we will choose to concentrate on this sole location.”

Suit Urself ours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 11 am-8 pm and Sunday from 12:00 pm-5:00 pm.

The Adam brothers will like to tell all of you Ramadan Mubarak!