Dearborn voters will determine the future of Dearborn’s mayorship and council on November 7th

The Dearborn registered voters will have another choice to make their voices heard through the ballots this November 3rd. They will be voting for a mayor, a clerk, and 7 members to be on the Dearborn’s City Council. The mayor and clerk races are head to head while 14 candidates are vying for the 7 council seats. The Yemeni American News brings you information about each candidate so you can make an informed decision on November 7th if you are a Dearborn voter. The information was collected from the League of Women Voters’ resource as well as the candidates’ official websites and social media pages.

Mayor - Vote for only 1

Name: John B. O’Reilly,Jr. (Incumbent)

Education: JD from the University of Detroit

Profession: Mayor/Attorney



Primary Performance: 6,018 (44% of the votes)

Name: Thomas Patrick Tafelski (Challenger)

Council President Pro Tem

Profession: Financial Advisor

Education:  University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, 1992.



Primary Performance: 5,266 (38% of the votes)

Clerk Position (Vote for only 1)

Name: George Darany

Education: University of Michigan – Dearborn Bachelor of Arts – Economics Website: Email address:

Primary Performance: 7,022 (55% of the votes)

Name: Nofila Haidar

Education: University of Michigan Dearborn Master of Public Administration

Web: Facebook Email:

Primary Performance: 2,744 (21% of the votes)

Council Positions (Vote for only 7)

Name: Robert A. Abraham

Profession: Business executive/CPA

Education:Bachelor of Arts-Accounting; Website: None


Primary Performance: 5,670 (6th place)

Name: Fayrouz Bazzi

Profession:  ICU Nurse Education: BA, Education: University of Michigan – Dearborn; BSN, University of Detroit Mercy


Primary Performance: 2,510 (13th place)

Name: Erin Byrnes

Profession: Non-profit Program Lead

Education:  Master’s in Education, City University of New York; Bachelor’s in Women’s & Gender Studies, UMDearborn; Michigan Political Leadership Program, Michigan State; Website: Email:

Primary Performance: 5,158 (8th place)

Name: Sharon Dulmage

Profession:  Registered Nurse

Education: Attended Henry Ford College for nursing, Detroit College of Business and Central Michigan University for business administration.



Primary Performance: 4,768 (10th Place)

Name: Sean Green

Profession: Retired Businessman Education: University of Houston – Hospitality Management

Website: Email:

Primary Performance: 4,355 (11th place)

Name: Leslie Herrick

Profession:  Public Relations Professional

Education: Wayne State University, Bachelor of Arts; Public Relations/Journalism; Henry Ford College



Primary Performance: 5,324 (6th place)

Name: Ken Paris

Profession:  Corporate Security/ Retired Police Officer

Education: Henry Ford Community College, EMU School of Police Staff and Command, FBI National Associates Executive Leadership

Website: Campaign


Primary Performance: 5,025 (9th place)

Name: Nada Al-Hanooti

Profession: Substitute Teacher

Education: Master’s in Women’s and Gender Studies BA Political Science and Journalism, with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies



Primary Performance: 2,712 (12th place)

Name: David W. Bazzy

Profession: Business executive

Education: University of Michigan Dearborn BA MBA Wayne State University

Primary Performance: 5,943 (7th place)

Name: Susan A. Dabaja

Profession: Attorney, Council President

Education: B.S. University of Michigan-Dearborn, Juris Doctorate, University of Detroit Mercy



Primary Performance: 7,053 (1st Place)

Name: Regan Ford

Profession: Small business owner

Education: High School



Primary Performance: 5,943 (3rd place)

Name: Ramez Haidar

Profession: Electrical Engineer / Commander with the Wayne County Sheriff Reserves

Education: BS Electrical Engineering – WSU MS Electrical Engineering



Primary Performance: 2,213 (14th place)

Name: Brian C. O’Donnell

Profession: District Sales Manager

Education: BS- Biology Madonna University MBA- Baker College



Primary Performance: 5,815 (4th place)

Name: Michael T. Sareini

Profession: Salesman/Attorney

Education: Associate’s Degree Henry Ford Community College, 2009-Bachelor of Arts – University of Michigan Dearborn, 2012-Juris Doctor -Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Website: Campaign Email:

Primary Performance: 6,632 (2nd place)